Miraculous healing of severe neck pain
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Miraculous Healing of Neck Pain

Hi, this is Avalon Spence. Let me tell you of the miracle of instantaneous healing of neck pain that happened in my life. God is faithful to His Word and faithful to His children. My neck is healed by faith and trust in the name of Jesus. But first, let me start from the beginning where all good stories start.

The Injury

My upper spinal column was damaged as a result of a headfirst fall from quite a distance onto concrete when I was around 2 or 3 years of age. The impact damaged the uppermost vertebrae causing them to be rotated and pushed to one side at the very apex right under my skull. Having received no treatment after the fall, the injury ‘healed over’ in that wrong position and as I grew up, my spine began to continue the rotation from the top right down to the bottom of my spine.

As a child, I never knew why I couldn’t move or do some of the things that came naturally to other children. It was a great sadness to me that I could never do cartwheels on the lawn with other little kids.  

Funny how you remember things like that. It got much worse than that though. By the age of 12, I began what would be a lifetime of steady chiropractic treatment to deal with the pain. The treatments helped me tolerate the chronic nature of the situation to some degree, but depending on what else was happening in my life, I was often completely incapacitated and in excruciating pain for long periods of time.  

Life with Constant Pain

By the age of 30, I was told I would be crippled for the rest of my life, and was counselled by my GP to learn to live with it. Rather than helping me get on with life however, the diagnosis seemed to steal my will to live and I wanted to end it all.  

By the grace of God, I came through that crisis, and was shortly put in touch with a new chiropractor who had a technique that offered some additional relief for my situation. He also got me into custom orthotics as by now one leg appeared to be 2 inches shorter than the other due to the rotation that had now made its way down to my hips.  

All this helped keep me standing, surviving and working, but I was only ever a few days from needing the next chiropractic treatment and I was continually in pain and exhausted from the effort to keep myself straight, while at the same time my spine was working against my efforts by trying to rotate me.   

How God Healed Neck Pain

In the last 2½ years, when chiropractic ceased to aid significantly, I switched to kinesiology which loosened up a lot of the long term damage to the tissues around my spinal column top to bottom, but even so, the new practitioner stated that the upper neck vertebrae would require a miracle to stay in place.  

The GOOD NEWS I want to share is that after living with this condition for 66 years, I finally received that miracle on Thanksgiving Sunday 2018! I received a healing of neck pain!

The Miracle

My husband and I are fairly new attendees at Central Pentecostal, but when I walked into church on Thanksgiving Sunday and saw the communion table set up, I had the immediate thought that if our Pastor called for people to come forward after the service for anointing and prayer for healing, I was going to make sure I’d be up there.  

And, as usual, my neck vertebrae were very noticeably out of place. Now, I’ve been prayed for many times and in many different ways over the last 25 years or so since I was saved, but I was moved in my spirit to believe that this particular day would be special.

I’d also been contemplating recently that if God had a healing for me, I wanted it to be in the church I was attending where the Word says it will be available as His care of the flock. Sort of a natural supernatural as we can expect to get healed because the Word says so and Jesus is the Truth.

Near the end of the service, I began to see myself in my mind’s eye doing wonderfully beautiful cartwheels across the front of the church, and strong back springs up the aisle. I was laughing inside and was nicely comforted as I sensed God was enjoying this with me.  

Healed of Neck Pain forever!

And just then Pastor Wally called anyone forward who needed physical healing!  There it was! My moment had arrived!   pushed out past my husband so quickly, I’m sure it made his head spin. I wanted to be the first one up there and I was.  

Previously, I would have been the one to hang back and go up last.  So this was a new action for me – a step of faith! I felt I was as ready as I could be.

I received anointing and prayer, stepped back a bit to get out of the way of the others and began to praise God for healing me, but was still just a little unsure in my heart if He’d really done it this time. After all – 66 years is a long time to wait for healing of neck pain!

God knows all our thoughts and is SO GOOD!  That was when another member of the church, Maureen, who knew nothing more about me than my name, came over quickly to tell me

The Lord says – YOU HAVE BEEN HEALED.’  

What a confirmation – HE KNEW I NEEDED TO HEAR THAT!  

Because I was unsure of what I was feeling in my neck at that moment my faith could have gone either way.  But that little bit of extra encouragement and confirmation sealed it for me! I hung on to it and I have been healed!  

Clinical Confirmation

Ten days following the healing I was at my regular scheduled kinesiology appointment and decided to have some fun and not tell her about my miracle.  She dug her fingers into the sides of my neck to feel the vertebrae that were always sticking out to the side, but she was stumped.  

After attempting to get her fingers onto the longstanding problem three times and finding nothing, she finally stepped back with a puzzled look on her face and said – ‘can you tell me what’s going on here?’  

I burst out laughing and told her about the healing I’d received on Thanksgiving.  She was overjoyed along with me as she asked permission to feel my neck one more time, and had to agree that I was indeed healed!

She confirmed the supernatural healing of neck pain!

And she had never, ever in the past 2 ½ years touched my neck without feeling the vertebrae kicked out to one side and having to be pushed back. Now, for the first time there they were, straight. It wasn’t necessary for me to have it confirmed this way, but it was an extra JOY moment for both of us.

Thank You, Jesus, for My Miracle!

I no longer have to rest my back during the day. I even washed all our lower story windows inside and outside two days following the healing!  

At night, there are no bunched up bones and pinched nerves in my head and neck when I lay my head on the pillow, ah, sweet sleep!  

No more pills, cold packs or heating pads!  No more constantly being aware of spine and pain. My back is holding me up, not me trying to hold my spine up!  

My faith, joy and zest for living has grown by leaps and bounds since my gift of healing and I’m looking forward with great anticipation to all the other healings and miracles God is going to do for His people, especially within the Church – the way He designed it to be – naturally supernatural!  Thank you Jesus!  What a Saviour!

— Avalon Spence