Church Service during Covid

This has certainly been a challenging time to have a church service during Covid epeciallyfor those who are use to attending church, no matter what your faith. We at Central Pentecostal Assembly have been no different but we have tried to reach our people through different methods.

This Sunday, April 11th, we will beholding an outdoor service starting at 10:30 AM. This church service during Covid realizes the BC Provincial Health Officer’s order will be in effect, including social distancing and wearing of masks. There is also a restriction on the number of people with the cap being 50 and this will be monitored.

Although the forecast is for sunny weather, the overnight temperature is suppose to be cold so make sure you are dressed for the weather. If it is raining, we will still have an outdoor service but it will be a drive in service. There will be some chairs outside but you are encouraged to bring your own. Let’s pray the Provincial health Officer will continue to allow us to have our church service during Covid.

Commentary on Romans chapter 2

I have attached a short commentary on Romans chapter 2. This is an interesting chapter as it talks about judging others. I order to really understand the context, please read the first chapter. The book of Romans was Paul’s longest letter and some will say it is his “gospel” but that is not true. Many key points are left out, such as repentance and the end times. He is actually trying to get the Jewish believers, who had been kick out of Rome but were now returning, and the Gentile believers to realize that there is no differences between the two groups and that it is faith in Christ and faith in Him alone that can make a person righteous.

It is hard sometimes to keep our interest up when we can’t fellowship with each other so I will be going through Romans over the next few weeks.

Other videos can be found on YouTube under Pastor Dave Field, including my commentary on Romans chapter one and the Sunday message for the last few months.


Pastor Dave

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