Poem for Central

On Monday morning at our support group at the church, God’s presence was tangible. When it was over and we all went home, the following poem came to Joan W. as she continued to praise God.

Enjoy but also read the message from God in this poem.

A Poem for Central Pentecostal Assembly
Father, Father, hear us as we pray,
Mold us into the design that you want for us today.
We are penitent and humble and searching for more of you.
We are hungry and thirst for revival but not sure what we should do.

Help us Lord, this world is a mess,
This Pandemic that is in our world makes everyone guess,
When will it end, will it be soon?
How long, O Lord, before you move?
Where do we fit in your plans? What can we do?

I believe the Lord would say today,
This is serious and you need to fast and pray.
You need to stay close and do not fear,
I am with you and for you My Church, I am here.

I have heard your prayers, I see your heart.
Fix your eyes on me and get ready to start.
This is a war you are in and evil is strong,
But as you go into battle, sing a victorious song.
For I have always been with my people when they obeyed,
Every battle ended in victory when you do things my way.
So put on your armor, lift your shield and sword,
Go in My Name, The Name of the Lord.

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