The mission field is near and dear to the heart of Central Pentecostal and has offered much support for the missionary program.

It has always been a priority for Central to reach the city of Chilliwack and it still is today.

We receive the missions offering on the first Sunday of the month that supports our local born missionaries serving in Africa, Poland and Eastern Europe.


Peter and Arlene Paluch

Ministry to Eastern Europe

Peter and Arlene Paluch

Bernie and Celia Mascher

Ministry to Naivasha, Kenya

Celia and Bernie Mascher, Missionaries
Bernie and Celia Mascher

Gerald and Pat Golbeck

Ministry in an Undisclosed Location

Pat and Gerald Golbeck, Missionaries
Gerald and Pat Golbeck

YWAM Perth

Ministry in Training, Perth, Australia

When? July 3rd-December 24th, 2019

What? Medical Discipleship Training School (DTS)
3 months of lecture phase in Australia and 2 months of outreach to potential locations of Nepal, India, Africa

Why? Long-term goal is to join the Birth Attendant School (YWAM Perth) in July 2020

  • Fundraising Goal $5,000 for July 3rd!
  • Currently: $1,500 raised
  • Would you consider partnering with what God is doing on the earth? 
  • Donations can be made through