Water baptism doesn’t get you into heaven. Faith in Jesus Christ provides salvation with the certainty of eternal life in heaven.

Water baptism is an act of obedience that follows the decision to follow Jesus Christ and symbolizes your acceptance of salvation.

Baptism allows a believer to go public, communicating to the world this heart-felt commitment. It signifies your step of faith and shows others that you have placed your trust in Jesus Christ.

There are three things that are declared when a believer receives full immersion baptism:

  1. you die to your old self, which means you leave behind the life you lived in the past
  2. you rise with Christ to become a new creation
  3. you are welcomed into a new family

If you have already been baptized, your baptism should have signified

  • your decision to be a follower of Jesus Christ,
  • beginning a changed life,
  • and uniting with a new church family.

If your baptism did not reflect this change of life, please talk with the Pastor.